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Our live streaming service has links to the biggest sports teams in the biggest sports in the world at no extra cost to you. We also offer an exception quality of live stream as long as your Internet connection allows it so you can get the full experience if you cannot actually make it to the event in person. However, if you’re still not convinced, then we have at least five reasons to stay exclusive to us as your No. 1 choice for your live streaming needs.

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We don’t make empty promises just to get website views

You can be rest assured that the livestreams on our website are solely for your viewing pleasure because we are fans of sports just like you and have experienced shoddy service on streaming websites before, so we made the decision to stand up to the man and do something about it. That’s the main reason we have spent time and effort to share in the fantastic service with all you wonderful sports fans.

All the popular sports, 24/7 in all their glory

Football (soccer). Tennis. Rugby. Cricket. Basketball. Baseball. They’re all here and in all their glory for your viewing pleasure wherever you are in the world and with whatever device you happen to be using. You can get a fantastic seat courtesy of watchlivetv,de from start to finish as the greatest moments in sports take you on a journey every single time they take place.

It’s free, but we don’t compromise on service

There is a saying that is very commonplace that goes something like this: You need to pay money to experience the greatest joys in life. Well, that may partly be true, but it is an overused saying that too many streaming websites use to get people to stay on their website to make their “premium” service look more special than it is. With us, you know exactly what you get and there are no secret motives just to get more exposure; you know exactly what you get and we are upfront about our intentions right from the off.

No registrations or surveys

Most companies that offer you a too-good-to-be-true offer have some sort catch or just a below-par service to begin with, but there is nothing like that here. If is a fun, open environment for sports fans to watch and discuss the biggest sporting events in the world with others of their kind. We don’t push you to this service or that service that has no relation to what we are offering because we respect your right to access the sporting events that you want in peace and in the quickest way possible. 

Support with anything, anytime

World-class service is what we offer and what we take pride in to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We are all the same regardless of who we support in our favorite sports because we all share the same passion and that will never change. If you have any queries of any kind, then we will get on it as soon as possible. There is no middle man. You can come to us directly and we will try and resolve any issues you may have in the quickest possible time so you can continue to enjoy the service we provide.

Remember, we don’t say that we’re going to do something and not do it just so we can get some website views with no interest in whether our visitors enjoy their experience and maximize their interest in viewing uninterrupted sporting action as and when it’s happening around the world.


We hope that you choose us as your sports streaming service, enjoy your time with us and enjoy the sporting action as much as we do.

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Have you ever typed into Google "live sports streams" and found all sorts of links that promise you uninterrupted access to the sporting events you hold a deep interest in? Have the streams been buffering every few seconds as you remain sure that your Internet connection isn’t the problem? Do you want to receive the top quality service that you deserve? If the answer to those questions is yes, then the good people have exactly what you are looking for with no hassle for you to get the unrivaled service you are entitled to.